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  • Aesthetics
IV Drips
Blood tests
Our Infusions
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Our IV Vitamin Drips


NAD+ Anti-Ageing IV Therapy

The NAD+ Anti-Ageing IV Therapy programme has been devised to produce optimal rejuvenation benefits. It involves three NAD+ IV Drip sessions lasting between four and six hours.


Glutathione Intracellular Therapy

Glutathione is one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants. This essential nutrient plays a vital role in many of your body’s processes, such as tissue building and repair.



BEAUTY is our glutathione IV drip and your go-to choice for luminous and glowing skin.



Still paying for last night? Get your body and mind on the right path to feeling healthier with our MEGA Recovery Infusion.



Our number #1 drip for sickness and recovery. IMMUNITY is perfect for those who need a quick turnaround or boost to their immune defences.


Myers Cocktail

Myers Cocktail is an infusion of multiple vitamins and minerals, including B vitamins, vitamin C, calcium and magnesium. This nutrient cocktail is injected into the body via IV.


Sport Performance Booster

Our Sport Performance Booster contains key B vitamins, amino acids, magnesium and calcium, that help the body convert nutrients into energy and speeds up recovery.


Energy IV Booster

Whether you’re recovering your equilibrium or just combating the aggravations of everyday life, our Energy Booster IV drip provides valuable energy-producing vitamins.


Cold and Flu IV 

Our Cold & Flu IV Drip provides the vitamins and minerals that your body requires to fight the infection and the maintenance of the immune system.

IV Vitamin Drips - for who?

Who should use?

For who?
IV Drips to help athletes improve their performance and recover faster


Sport drips can increase endurance of the body helping you recover quicker.

Boost your energy and improve your mood with IV Drips Hull

People with low energy & mood

Vitamin drips help reduce tiredness 
& fatigue.

IV therapy for people with reduced immunity in Hull

People with reduced immunity

Vitamin drips can strengthen the immune system.

Look and feel your best with iv drip hull

People with deficiencies

IV drips deliver the nutrients directly into the bloodstream.

iv boost uk to detoxify the body

People in need of detoxification

Detox drips detoxify from alcohol, drugs and toxins.

Oxygen Therapy
Oxygen therapy

Take a deep breathe with pure oxygen

We offer you a unique opportunity to discover an amazing power of oxygen treatment using the latest technology – Oxygen Hyperbaric Therapy. This is a revolutionary treatment where a patient relaxes in a comfortable chamber filled with 100% pure oxygen.

Helps to improve health & wellbeing
Helps to boost your Sports & Performance
Helps to recover with Complementary Therapy
hyperbaric oxygen therapy hull to improve health
Ozone Therapy
ozone iv therapy body boost clinic hull
IV Ozone Therapy

Discover a Power of Ozone Therapy

  Try our new amazing treatment 

We offer a superior treatment using the latest technology ozone device, it gently extracts your blood and passes it through an oxidation chamber. Within the chamber, it is combined with an equal volume of ozone at a high concentration before being passed back into your body. The sessions usually take around 30 minutes.

  Helps with numerous issues!
Blood Tests
Fast & hassle-free

Blood tests

   Choose your test

We offer an extensive range of blood tests designed to provide you with valuable insights into your health and well-being, including:

    • Full Blood Count
    • Blood group check
    • Hormonal profile
    • Cholesterol check
    • Kidney, Liver health
   Walk-in mornings
  Mobile Service
Body Boost Clinic blood test Hull
See the body boost clinic in hull that offers physiotherapy iv drip hull
Rapid way for recovery


   Choose your test

Our physiotherapist provides a complex offer of services to help with pain relief and speed up your recovery. Some of them are:

    • Massages
    • Acupuncture
    • Kinesiotaping
    • Compression Boots
    • Lymphatic Drainage
    • Cupping
   Assessment, Diagnosis & Review

We ensure a complete physiotherapy process to ensure effective recovery from an injury.

Our beauty services

Aesthetics Bestsellers

At Body Boost Clinic, we offer a variety of aesthetics services provided by Daria. Please click below to see our full portfolio.

The kobido massage is a Japanese facial massage that combines fast and slow movements to improve the deep circulation of the face, neck, shoulders and upper bust. These movements destroy dead skin cells, promote the production of collagen and elastin and activate circulation, giving the face a radiant glow.

Soprano Ice Titanium is a safe, effective, and comfortable method of hair removal that has helped countless people achieve the smooth, hair-free skin they desire. Many people report that the treatment is virtually painless and that they have seen a significant reduction in hair growth after just a few sessions.

BTL Emsella incontinence chair is a great option for women or men of any age, over 18, who wishes to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles to build stability in the core, a solution for urinary incontinence, or sexual pleasure enhancement. A dramatic improvement in the quality of your intimate life, and improvements in sexual pleasure through stronger feelings and sensations.


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